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About Neu

“My influences know no bounds. I’m inspired by a song just the same as I’m inspired by the rhythm in my footsteps. I see music in everything.”

Who Is Neu

Neu’s 4th studio album “Waking Up” is as much a departure as it is an advancement. Striking melodies over soaring synthscapes takes the listener on a trip riled with turbulence & furious energy.  Fusing the intensity of dance music with his voice, this record takes you places, both rhythmically and melodically. He writes the songs, produces the beats, and its his voice that brings it together.


  • born | june 21, 1987
  • where | calgary, alberta
  • now | vancouver, british columbia
  • instruments played | didgeridoo, banjo, piano, drums, accordion, guitar, harmonica, bass, trombone, etc.
  • fav artist | Kalin Thompson

Music to Move You and Make You Move


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Music to Move You and Make You Move

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